SEO, Website, and Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Brand

part 1

The Challenge

The main challenge with this eCommerce site was how customers could find and discover the perfect product. There were few sorting options to help customers narrow in on what they wanted, causing them to get lost and overwhelmed scrolling through thousands of product offerings.

part 2

The Solution

As part of their custom eCommerce website redesign package, we:

  • Launched an updated site featuring unique product viewing capabilities

  • Enhanced sorting options to help customers sort through thousands of SKUs to find what they were looking for

  • Wrote high-conversion SEO copy and incorporated beautiful images and designs to enhance the user experience with the brand

  • Planned and executed a full-service digital marketing strategy based on customer insights

part 3

The Results

With their new high-functioning, high-performing website, the Client saw conversions increase by 30% in the first two months and website traffic and sales leads double year over year.